Welcome to the lexicon, vajestic!

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I’m a word nerd.  I love words.  I use them every day.
And I contribute to updating and expanding the lexicon by creating new words on the regular.
Today’s new word came to me when I first saw the Temple last year at Burning Man.  In order to accurately describe the structure I saw before me, I needed a brand new word.  And that word was Vajestic.

It’s vajestic, right?!

vagestic |vəˈjestik


definition #1: having or showing the impressive beauty of female genitalia 

As in:  Damn, that Burning Man temple is truly vajestic.

Here are some more examples:

That new stadium in Qatar is some world-class vajestic architecture.

Ours is the wooden house with the vajestic doors.  You can’t miss it.
Care for a section of this vajestic grapefruit??

Definition #2: being in possession of magnificent feminine power

As in:  Aretha emanates a fierce strength; she’s positively vajestic.


More Examples:

Marco Cochrane’s sculpture is so vajestic. Clearly he loves women.


All stand for Her Vajesty, Beyonce.


Get it?  Good.  Now go out there and use your new word three times each day for a week, I dare you.  Let me know how it goes in the comment section below.
Welcome to the lexicon, Vajestic!

Big Love,

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15 Responses

  1. Skye Pillsbury

    I love this word! Especially with all the pussy talk in the press right now. We need this!

    • Skye! You are so right. Nothing trumps a pussy grab like a vajestic multitude.

  2. i LOVE it Rachel…I’m thinking it’s going to make a grand appearance in my vocab…

    big love,

  3. That was quite a vajestic post – thank you!

  4. Fabulous word and descriptive images and expressions! I’d like to share my rendition of female genitalia, which is the word ‘Vaginado’! This could be interpreted as an Italian, Spanish or Portuguese influenced word. Or simply, a Gelato flavor of the month Enjoy.

  5. Love learning new words! Especially made up ones.. and so perfect. Keep em coming Rachel!


  7. This couldn’t be a better time to start using the word vajestic.

  8. I bow to you, your Vajesty!

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