Tiny gifts are everywhere

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In Improv we call any offer we receive from our scene partner a “gift” and those gifts help us discover who we are.

For example, if my scene partner looks at me and says, Nice scuba suit, Carla!, they have given me the following gifts:

1. I know I am wearing a scuba suit.

2. I know my name is Carla.

Lately, I’ve been noticing “gifts” left for me in the wild by my fellow humans turning up in some unexpected places.

I received this unexpected confession on a parking meter in San Francisco, which broke my heart just a little bit.




I got  this important reminder about how to treat people on a sidewalk in Oakland.


And some kind human left me this kind reflection in the ladies’ room at the Greek Theater in Berkeley right when I needed to hear it.

(You might need to zoom in to see this one.)


How about you?  Have you received any gifts in the wild lately?  Please share below.

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  1. every now and then we all need a small gift.
    I needed this today:)

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