Thank You, My Groovy Friend

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Thank you, My Groovy Friend.

For your smooth moves,
For your sweet grooves,
For shaking your booty as only you can.

In this whole wide world, My Groovy Friend, only you have that booty.
So if you don’t shake that wildly specific, one-of-kind, snowflake booty of yours.
It will never get shook..(shaken?)

You don’t need my money.
Or approval.
Or permission.

You shake it because that’s what you are feeling in that moment.
And other people’s opinions of
your smooth moves,
your sweet grooves…
That is, of course, none of your business.

Your business is you.

And there you are, deeply engaged in what makes you feel most alive.
Out beyond what is cool and appropriate..
Many miles from what everyone else thinks you should be doing…

Getting down on the wildly under-used dance floor that is Central Park West.

And I love you for that.

Thank you, My Groovy Friend, for the inspiration.

Groove on, my brother…Groove on.

Big Love,
Rachel 🙂

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  1. I just gotta groove on! What a reminder that all the world is a dance floor!

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