Tina Fey – Comedian, Actor

“Rachel came up old-school-Chicago-style, which means she is brilliant at long-form, short form and musical Improv and she knows not to get off the red line at Wilson after dark.”


Alex Baze – Producer, The Tonight Show with Seth Meyers

“Rachel Hamilton has a heart as big as all outdoors. And I’m not even the outdoorsy type. Her classes are a judgment-free oasis in the snarky comedy desert. She wants you to succeed at LEAST as much as you want to succeed.”

Ruby – Actor, Writer, Improviser

“Rachel listens to each student and has a straightforward approach that accurately hones in on how you are getting in your own way.”



Cynthia – Dog Trainer

“I absolutely loved the improv ‘games’ that we played. They really coincide with real life experiences, showing us where we get stuck and encouraging us to keep on going. AND … it’s okay to be imperfect! It was so much fun to let loose in a guided way. Rachel is a blast!”


Natalie – Founder of a Women’s Empowerment Program

“Rachel’s gentle nudging, encouraging and the rapid flow of the games, made it necessary to keep on going, even when my internal judgments were coming up. In other life situations those judgments tend to stop me. The flow of Improv made it such that there was no pausing and thinking about those constraints I’ve only created for myself. I was given permission to blast right on through them….What a gift…”

Sam – Voice Over Artist

“Wow, that was fun! Rachel somehow instantly created a space of trust and fearlessness (or at least honoring fear) and joy. I’m so glad I jumped in.”


Lauren – Actor/Improviser/Writer

“Even on days when I came in feeling tired, stuck or lacking inspiration, she knew how to focus the energy I did have in a positive, productive way, and I always left feeling energized!”