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Hello again, Wonderful Peeps!

Did you hear about this amazingness?

Recently discovered film footage of San Francisco, shot just days after the 1906 earthquake is now available for viewing.




Yeah.  From out of nowhere, we get to see 110-year old footage we never imagined we’d get to see, what San Francisco looked like just after it was destroyed by fire.
The discovery happened in a highly ordinary way.

Two years ago, a man contacted an antiques dealer to sell an old reel of film.

The dealer brought the film to a historian.

Ten years before, that same film historian had made an equally amazing discovery about some old footage that turned out to have been shot just five days before the great earthquake & fire.




Two amazing discoveries from out of nowhere.

These sorts of discoveries light me up! 

They remind me that the world is full of possibility and mystery and that at any moment, we get to be surprised by something we had not yet noticed.

Also, I love it because it makes me wonder, what else is out there?

In Improv, as in life, there is always more to discover.  And isn’t that excellent news??

Keep your eyes and ears open to the new and amazing, my friends.
Who knows what we’ll discover?

Big Love,

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