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Improvise New York

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed for a fantastic podcast called Improvise New York. I got down & dirty on my truth about improv and life and how little I can tell the difference anymore. As an added bonus, I used the word cunt three times, in context of course (aka: cuntext).

Click Here to Listen and enjoy. Check out the other episodes – so many great Improvisers have been interviewed for this podcast.


The Truth Podcast

I’ve done two episodes of the super cool podcast, The Truth, and I’ve played a Robot in both of them. Hmm… what’s that about? You tell me.

Visible & Drive Straight Ahead
The Modern Prometheus


Hamilton_RazowskyADD Comedy with David Razowsky

There is little I like better than the ongoing dialogue I have with David Razowsky. He’s a force of nature in the world of improv and also in my life. He’s a friend, a mentor, an improv partner and a trusted advisor. All that, and he makes me laugh my face off.

In short, I can’t get enoughsky of David Razowsky.

And, thank you Ian Foley, the producer of this fine podcast for having the wisdom to stick a microphone in front of Dave’s mouth hole and just let him go. Nice. Work. From. You.

Click Here to Listen to a classic Dave and Rachel conversation.


Magnet Theater Podcast

I sat down with Louis Kornfeld, from my beloved NYC Improv home, Magnet Theater, to discuss the magic of improvisation.

Have at it!


Snap Judgment

I had the great fortune of telling a story on one of my favorite podcasts, Snap Judgement. This is a tale from the seventh ring of hell, aka: seventh grade. Have a listen and rejoice in the fact that middle school is over! Or, if you happen to be a seventh grader listening to this podcast, in which hang in there kld,.. it will all be over soon.

Tricksy – Seventh Grade Birthday Party