Improv – The Ultimate Multi-tool

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multi_toolSo, you know these jobbies?

This is called a multi-tool.

These are the thingies that People-Who-Can-Fix-Things have tucked into the little side pocket of their Carharts, ready to provide the exact tool for doing what needs to be done; everything from opening a beer bottle, to punching a new hole in a belt, to removing a fish hook from a wide-mouth bass.. God bless those sexy multi-tool carrying people.

When it comes to the soft skills we need as human beings, Improv is the ultimate multi-tool.

One of the joys of teaching Improv in the wide variety of environments that I do is that people approach me after every workshop to say, You know who this kind of work would be really good for?

Just yesterday I heard the following ides:

  • “Improv could be an amazing resource for people working with Alzheimer’s patients as a way for caretakers and loved ones to connect to the world the person is living in..”
  • “Improv is something I need so badly to get out of the habit of making everything so freakin’ serious all the time…”
  • “Improv would be so great for teenagers who have had mostly on-screen connections, to remind them what direct contact is like…”

Yes! Yes! And, yes!

The most common problems people come to my Improv classes to solve are:

I’m shy.
I’m bored.
I’m stuck.
I’m sad.
I’m lonely.
I never laugh.
I don’t know who I am.
I’m really freakin’ hard on myself.
I’m not finding enough hilarious people to date on OK Cupid.

The applications of the magical art/craft of Improv are endless.

Improv is officially the World’s Funnest Way* to get better at the essential soft skills of being a human being, like Communication, Confidence, Connection, Listening, Presence, Authenticity, Curiosity and Emotional Intelligence…

And yes, it will make your ass look better in those jeans.

Thank you, Improv, for all that you do, you Magical Multi-tool of Wonderfulness.

Rachel_HamiltonBig Love,
Rachel 🙂

PS – Which thingy on the Improv Multi-tool are you using? What is Improv helping you do better? I’d love to hear about it!





* this data has been verified by the What Rachel Hamilton Believes to be True Institute.

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  1. Love the comparison. Nice write up. I’m one of those multi-tool carrying people!

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