Color Me Delighted!

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I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time in the wild and wonderful, multi-cultural swirl that is India.

People in India are not afraid of color. It’s everywhere and I love it.

Wearing color is a gift.  As long as you’re putting on clothes, you might as well put on something that brightens the eyeballs of everyone you see, right?

colorful ladies
Thank you, human flowers!

I understand the appeal of basic black – it’s easy, it’s sophisticated, it hides whatever you might have inadvertently sat in on the NY subway..

But color is a mood-lifter in a way that black will never be.

This human rainbow is a group of school kids exiting a thousand-year old temple carved into a mountain.


Lady w/ baby India
Even if you’ve gotta wear black, you can still get your sparkle on and put your baby in disco peach!


In India, they even sell piles of color at the market!

Piles of Color India
Honey, don’t forget to pick up milk, eggs, a pint of fuchsia and a pound of cobalt blue.

And, of course you can also get your strings of flowers…

India Flower Spools
Flowers by the yard


India, flowers by the pound
Flowers by the pound

So they can decorate for the holidays.  India also knows a thing or two about holidays.

 nandi bull
Shiva’s bull, Nandi, all done up for a festival

India has some 17 official holidays a year plus dozens of others that people can choose to observe, according to their religious preferences.   The U.S. only has 10.

More color.  More holidays.  Good thinking, India.

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