Improv drop-ins with Rachel Hamilton

My Improv Drop-In classes are for experienced Improvisers looking to learn, practice and play in an easy-going, process-oriented environment. This class attracts Improvisers from all over the Bay Area and beyond, which creates a new dynamic ensemble each weeks and provides for a valuable cross-pollination of styles and experience.

Each week I bring in an Improv idea that we explore together. The atmosphere is experimental – I am frequently creating improv exercises on the spot – while simultaneously reinforcing the fundamental skills that are at the core of all great Improv: Presence, Listening, Courage, Connection an Support.

No two Drop-ins are ever the same, however, they are consistently wonderful.

Hope to see you there!

Prerequisite: This is a class for experienced improvisers. If you not sure if that means you, please drop me an email at rhimprov@nullgmail.com and we can figure it out together.


“Thank you for your exquisite manner of giving feedback without shame.”

“Rachel was the perfect way to help us embrace failure as the opportunity to learn, laugh and live a little deeper. “

“Rachel’s a super-star and inspires us to grow into more of who we are!”


Price: $50 per class – Please note you must pre-register (i.e. please don’t just show up) and the sooner the better because these classes tend to sell out

Time: All classes are from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM – doors open at 6:30 for hanging out together in the Groove Lounge.

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NOVEMBER 4&5 2017
Improv & the Enneagram

This is a two-day class, hosted on November 4 and November 5 from 11am to 4pm.

The Enneagram is:

  • a personality typing system that describes nine essential ways of being human
  • a wildly accurate and intricate roadmap of human behavior
  • a lens through which to see how other people see the world
  • a booster rocket for your self-awareness
  • a fast track to doing better Improv

In this class, you will use the magic of Improv to explore and fully embody each of the Enneagram types, expanding and expressing your range as Improvisers and as humans.

The format of this class will be varied and fun and is open to Improvisers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. You will leave the weekend with a deeper understanding of and compassion for the various ways we wacky humans are wired.

Taught by Rachel Hamilton

Rachel Hamilton

Rachel Hamilton was born and raised in Washington, DC. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, an alumna of The Second City, Chicago, and an Emmy-nominated writer. Rachel cut her teeth in the Chicago Improv scene, sharing the stage with geniuses like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, and many other Improv luminaries and has been smitten with Improv ever since.

Rachel has a great depth of experience teaching Improv to all kinds of people; newbies and experts, actors and civilians, the confident and the terrified. She teaches, directs and performs Improv all over the country and makes her home in the San Francisco Bay Area with her ridiculously adorable Cockapoo, Marty, who is the best Improviser she knows.

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Classes are not refundable, but they are entirely transferable. If you’ve purchased a class and you cannot attend, you are welcome to sell your spot to another Improviser, provided they meet the prerequisite requirements as stated on the website. People seem to have good luck listing their classes for sale on Facebook. If you do sell your spot to someone else, I would appreciate you letting me know via email at RHImprov@nullgmail.com.  Thank you!