Way to go, Jews!

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  Recently, I attended the Bat Mitzvah of a good friend’s daughter. For those who don’t know, a Bat Mitzvah, is celebrated when a Jewish girl turns 12. The equivalent for boys is called a Bar Mitzvah and happens when … Continued

My Ass-Kicking Great Grandmother

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This is my great-grandmother. Her name was Florence Bates.  She was an astonishingly courageous human being. Born in 1888, Florence became one of the first woman lawyers in Texas in 1912. That would be a full eight years before women could even vote. In 1912, she got … Continued

Improv – The Ultimate Multi-tool

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So, you know these jobbies? This is called a multi-tool. These are the thingies that People-Who-Can-Fix-Things have tucked into the little side pocket of their Carharts, ready to provide the exact tool for doing what needs to be done; everything … Continued

Learn to Love Your Incompetence!

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The biggest challenge of attempting anything new is that when you first begin, you are pretty much guaranteed to be inept, clumsy and just plain-old terrible at whatever it is. Take for instance, me, this morning. This morning I tried … Continued

I love this guy.

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  I love this guy. Here’s a graffiti artist that is emotionally courageous. He drills right down to the red-hot center of what he needs. He stands strong in his vulnerability, bravely confessing the naked yearnings of his heart for … Continued

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