Color Me Delighted!

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I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time in the wild and wonderful, multi-cultural swirl that is India. People in India are not afraid of color. It’s everywhere and I love it. Wearing color is a gift.  As long as … Continued

Way to go, Jews!

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  Recently, I attended the Bat Mitzvah of a good friend’s daughter. For those who don’t know, a Bat Mitzvah, is celebrated when a Jewish girl turns 12. The equivalent for boys is called a Bar Mitzvah and happens when … Continued

My Ass-Kicking Great Grandmother

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This is my great-grandmother. Her name was Florence Bates.  She was an astonishingly courageous human being. Born in 1888, Florence became one of the first woman lawyers in Texas in 1912. That would be a full eight years before women could even vote. In 1912, she got … Continued

Thank You, My Groovy Friend

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Thank you, My Groovy Friend. For your smooth moves, For your sweet grooves, For shaking your booty as only you can. In this whole wide world, My Groovy Friend, only you have that booty. So if you don’t shake that … Continued

Improv – The Ultimate Multi-tool

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So, you know these jobbies? This is called a multi-tool. These are the thingies that People-Who-Can-Fix-Things have tucked into the little side pocket of their Carharts, ready to provide the exact tool for doing what needs to be done; everything … Continued

Learn to Love Your Incompetence!

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The biggest challenge of attempting anything new is that when you first begin, you are pretty much guaranteed to be inept, clumsy and just plain-old terrible at whatever it is. Take for instance, me, this morning. This morning I tried … Continued

I love this guy.

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  I love this guy. Here’s a graffiti artist that is emotionally courageous. He drills right down to the red-hot center of what he needs. He stands strong in his vulnerability, bravely confessing the naked yearnings of his heart for … Continued

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