Holy. Fucking. Shit.

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Any minute now I will get used to the idea that Donald Fucking Trump is our next president. Because that’s what we humans do, we get used to shit.  Quickly. What was previously unimaginable becomes the new normal faster than you … Continued

Tiny gifts are everywhere

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In Improv we call any offer we receive from our scene partner a “gift” and those gifts help us discover who we are. For example, if my scene partner looks at me and says, Nice scuba suit, Carla!, they have given me … Continued

Welcome to the lexicon, vajestic!

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I’m a word nerd.  I love words.  I use them every day. And I contribute to updating and expanding the lexicon by creating new words on the regular. Today’s new word came to me when I first saw the Temple … Continued

Today’s Improv Life Hack: Curiosity

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Here’s a quick tip from the Improv world that can vastly improve the quality of your conversations. When the other person is speaking, listen closely for what you are most curious about and guide the conversation more in the direction of what interests … Continued

Creepy Friend Pickup

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Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the sheer ecstasy of the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. Oh my goodness, ya’ll.  It was so so good.  The goodness went way beyond the crafts, which were freakin’ beautiful to be sure.  … Continued

Improv Intervention!

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The other day I was sitting at a very serious coffee spot in San Francisco. The kind of elaborate coffee laboratory where an earnest hipster meticulously crafts me the perfect cup of joe in just under 14 minutes, for only six dollars.  I … Continued

Spank Me Seth Godin!

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Seth Godin is one of my very favorite voices in the world today.  He’s a Thought Leader who has written an obscene number of books, he blogs daily and he’s a TED superstar.  The essence of  his message is this: … Continued

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