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Some Philosophy…

I do what I do because I love people.   And I see how people hold themselves back, stuck in their perceived limits of who/how they get to be.

Improv Training is a combination of:

An Empathy School – By embodying different points of view,  you learn what makes other people tick.

A Courage Academy – Your vulnerability is your strength, not your weakness.  Doing Improv builds the muscles necessary to confront your fears.

Connection Camp – Improv skills are the very same practices that create great relationships;  being present, deep listening & giving and taking support.

Recess for Grown-ups – A time to laugh, play and create more joy in the world!

…and so much more.

Improv is an amazing multi-tool that allows people the opportunity to express their whole, free authentic selves.   I love creating a safe space for that to happen.



Rachel Hamilton is an accomplished Improvisational Actor, Storyteller and is widely regarded as one of the best Improv teachers working today. A former Mainstage cast member at The Second City, Chicago, Rachel learned her craft from and with the best, having shared the stage with geniuses like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Scott Adsit, Nia Vardalos and many more incredible artists.

Rachel began teaching almost twenty years ago and she feels passionately that Improv skills are great training for both theater and for life. Her teaching style is upbeat and nurturing – she creates a safe space where everyone can feel safe and supported, and where everyone can do their best work. Rachel designs and implements improv workshops all over the country for both actors and non-actors, offering Improv as a tool for training in performance as well as for personal development.

Born in DC, Rachel has lived, loved and worked in all the major cities; Chicago, LA and most recently NYC. Last year, in a conscious quest for more tranquility and natural beauty, Rachel made the brilliant choice to move her base to Sausalito, California and is delighted to be bringing her deep well of experience to the Bay Area’s vibrant Improv scene.

Rachel has worked as a performer and/or teacher for the following: The Second City (Chicago & LA), Magnet Theater (NYC), The Upright Citizen’s Brigade NYC), The Reduced Shakespeare Co, 30 Rock, Artistic New Directions (NYC), the Moth, Syracuse University (Adjunct Prof.), Michael Howard Studios (NYC), as well as numerous corporate and private clients.

Rachel is also an Emmy-nominated writer and worked as part of the production team for the hit documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Rachel, how can I thank you as deeply as I felt we went in your/our workshop together? It feels like we love everything equally in your improv, very stabilizing on the whole
    hope we meet again

  2. Are you the Great Granddaughter of Florence Bates ?

    I knew Florence Bates around 1952 or so, I was 6 years old, and I would go to our next door neighbors house and sit on the Patio swing and Chat with her, This was in Inglewood California

    I was thinking she was my Neighbors Aunt, But maybe the years my memory was Wrong.

    So, Just wondering

    Mike Johnson, In Irvine, CA

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