Because Improv is a life-expanding practice that gives you the skills to be your favorite version of yourself; playful, courageous and free.

And you get to laugh your ass off.

Rachel HamiltonImprov Training is a combination of:

An Empathy School

… By embodying different points of view, you learn what makes other people tick.

A Courage Academy

… Your vulnerability is your strength, not your weakness. Doing Improv builds the muscles necessary to confront your fears.

Connection Camp

… Improv skills are the very same practices that create great relationships; being present, deep listening & giving and taking support.

Recess for Grown-ups

… A time to laugh, play and create more joy in the world!

…and so much more.


“In Rachel’s Improv class,  I feel free to try/fail/succeed and I always learn more of the craft and more about myself… She is a teacher who embodies Kindness and Mastery. 

– Diana Hart, Experienced Improviser


“Rachel Hamilton has a heart as big as all outdoors.  Her classes are a judgment-free oasis in the snarky comedy desert.  She wants you to succeed at LEAST as much as you want to succeed.”

– Alex Baze, Producer, The Tonight Show with Seth Meyers


“Rachel has a truly unique talent, not just for Improv, but for honing in on EXACTLY how it can best be applied to any situation or institution. Her class was a revelation for our team and every participant was raving about her!”

– Ryan Vance, VP of Content, Creative Live